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Appalachian Trail, 2012, Day 13, James River (and done)

7/11, 14.6 miles today

Ok, done for the year. It’s kind of sad now that legs are in great shape we can’t go on but a good shower will be nice.

As we were approaching Matts Creek shelter I came around a big tree as the trail turned a bit and looked down and something did not seem correct. It took a moment but I then jumped back and yelled, OK screamed like a girl. It was a 4′ rattler! Since it was stretched out at full length, it was not ready to strike so it kind of looked like an odd stick on the trail. Once it saw us it coiled up and started to rattle. We took a lot of cool photos and detoured off the trail around it. We told Sleeping Bear, who we found napping at the shelter about it and he thought he might go back and get it to eat!

The trail after Matt Creek flattened out as we approached the James River. Funny how we could see the foot bridge across the river but it seemed to take forever to get there. This is the longest foot bridge along the AT at 1000′. Oddly it is dedicated to “William Foot”.

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