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Appalachian Trail, 2012, Day 12, Thunder Hill Shelter

7/10, 10.2 miles today

We had planned to get an early start this morning but it was raining so we kind of hunkered in a waited. We finally got on the trail by 10am as the rain mostly cleared. Today: 2500′ up, 500′ down, 1000′ up. Need I say more!

We stopped at Cornelius Creek Shelter for a break. We came across a series of FAA towers with radar dish covered in a big ball. We asked a guy walking out if we could get a tour but he turned us down. We walked under the famous “Guillotine”. This is where the trail runs under a 4′ rock that is wedged between two rock walls. It looks kind of like a guillotine blade ready to drop.

Water filter seems to be not working as well. It is allowing the water to flow backwards. I with only one more day of hiking, I’m not too worried. Sleeping Bear is here tonight and it is our last night so we have a good fire going. With extra food, we decided to have a “second” dinner. No rain today but it looks like it might get a bit cool tonight. I might put my silk liner in the bag tonight.

15 miles and out tomorrow!


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