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Appalachian Trail, 2012, Day 11, Bryant Ridge Shelter

7/9, 13.5 miles today

Got a late start (9:30). Feet are sore from yesterday (and today). We stopped at Cove Mtn. Shelter for a break. It was overall a boring hike until we got to Jennings Creek. There, we went for a swim. As we packed up to go, we could hear thunder. A ½ mile up the trail (and I mean UP), it started to pour. The trails was taking us to a long ridge and we decided that hanging out on the side of a hill was better than along the top during a storm so I pulled out my tent fly for a little shelter and we sat with the thunder and lightning around us for 20 minutes.

We got to the shelter and found a fellow hiker, “Comeback Kid”. He had passed a while back so we thought we would not see him again but he took a detour into Buchanan. “Sleeping Bear” is here too. We had been following him in the shelter log books so it fun to catch up and meet him. We saw a 5′ long “Rat” snake near the shelter. This is a good sign that the shelter will not have mice. Also saw a boxer turtle along a ridge after it rained. Not sure what the turtle was up on the ridge. It just seemed odd. There is a giant 5′ diameter spider web near the shelter. We took photos but I’m not sure how they will come out. This shelter is real nice. One of best I have ever seen. It’s clean, dry, 2 stories/3 levels and right next to a creek. On a rainy day you could fit 20+ hikers here. Sleeping Bear has set up his tent inside the shelter.

It looks, based on current miles/day that we will be off the trail one day early.



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