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Appalachian Trail, 2012, Day 10, Bobblets Gap Shelter

7/8, 18.5 miles today

Wow, 18.5 mile hike today! Coming out of Daleville we had fresh legs and full tummies. We stopped at Fulhardt Shelter. Water there was from a cistern and stunk so we avoided it. We got to Wilson Creek Shelter and decided to push on to Bobblets (another 7.3 miles!). We found some time to soak our feet in a small creek (aah). The fish would nibble at ones toes. We crossed the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) a number of times. I told Lexi to look “tired, pathetic and sad” hoping that someone would stop and offer us a drink or something. No such luck. About 4 miles before Bobblets, we started hearing thunder. Lexi was being sluggish so took the lead and turned it into high gear. We made good time but we still got rained on. We did to get to the shelter before the real heavy stuff.

As we got near the shelter, we could hear singing and yelling down the hill. We turn down the blue blazed trail to the shelter and found two college girls dancing and singing. I think they were a little embarrassed as we walked into camp. Their trail names were “Firefly” and “Frankin Foot” and heading south bound. Cleary Frankin Foot was named after her duck taped up, falling apart, boots that she need to replace when they got down to Daleville. Lexi seemed to enjoy chatting with the girls. It’s been raining since we got here so I hope it clears by morning.


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