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Appalachian Trail, 2012, Day 9, Daleville

(This day is missing from by handwritten blog so it has been recreated from memory)

Off to a good day today. We knew we would be spending the night in a real bed, have real food and be able to take a shower so our spirits were high. We keep looking for “Hay Rock”, thinking we found it only to be outdone by bigger rock outcrop farther down the trail. But, when we got to the one sticking up 40 or so feet, we knew we found it.

It was really HOT today. Even on flat ground I had to often just find a rock and sit for a bit. I was really pumping the water but it did not help as much as would have expected.

When we got to Daleville by midafternoon the sign on the bank said it was 102°. We checked into our room and just sat for a bit. We cooled off, took showers put on some clean clothes and headed off to the store. We got some food, junk food, drinks and yes, Lexi got a ½ watermelon. We headed back to our room to enjoy it. When it cooled off we went back out and pigged out for dinner at the Three Li’l Pigs Barbeque joint!

Cleaned all our dirty clothes and are in real beds tonight. Night-Night!

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