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Appalachian Trail, 2012, Day 6, Pickle Branch Shelter

7/4, 10.1 miles today

(This day is missing from by handwritten blog so it has been recreated from memory)

Lexi got her first bee sting ever today. I was a little worried that she might have some reaction but there was not a problem.

The heat and climb today was exhausting. Al and I took the climb up Brush Mountain real slow. Not because we were being careful but because we had too. It seemed like we stopped every 100′ or so. Lexi as usually was like a rabbit. Often we would come around a corner and find her sitting relaxing waiting for us. It was not helped by all the trees down. Every tree down breaks what stride you have. Sometimes you have to climb up or down an embankment 20′ just get around it.

As we got to the top of the Brush Mtn, we found an old grass covered road and took a break. Just to stretch my legs I took a short walk down the road only to find a real road and someone camping. After being invited in, I was offered snacks and a cold drink. I accepted and carefully asked if my other hiking partners could also partake. Not a problem, I went back, got Al and Lexi. We relaxed, cooled off and chatted for a while. Want a nice trail angle.

At the top of Brush Mtn is a monument to Audie Murphy the most decorated WWII war veteran who crashed there. It seems to be hiker thing to place a rock there as there are carefully piled rocks on and round the monument. We got to Trout Creek and decided to take a swim. It was real nice to cool off. It would have been better if it was at the end of our hike as we had to load up and head back up a 1000′ hill to get up to the shelter.

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