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Appalachian Trail, 2012, Day 5, Niday Shelter

7/3, 18.2 miles today!

(This day is missing from by handwritten blog so it has been recreated from memory)

There are still lots of downed trees on the trail. It must have been one hell of a storm. We got some great views from Kelly Knob. The trail crossed under the Keffer oak tree. This is really old tree. I would guess 6′ in diameter. I was however not as tall as I expected, perhaps 100′ tall or such. Perhaps, this and the fact that is located in a low between two hills that has allowed it to live so long.

We found large carefully constructed towers of flat rocks on the top of Sinking Creek Mountain. Each one different but all of them clearly more than just tossed in place. It is not clear what these were for. [Post hike research says these are just piles of stones from clearing the area for apple trees]

We reached to blue blaze trail to the Sarver shelter. Tired, getting late, looks like might rain, 6 more miles to next shelter, what do we do? Continue on to Niday Shelter of course. (be it mostly downhill). It follows the Eastern Continental Divide for a while.

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