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Appalachian Trail, 2012, Day 4, War Spur Shelter

7/2, 12 miles today

Ok, so much for my forecast last night. It rained like hell with thunder and lightning. Good thing I had put up the full tent anyway. We woke to a nice clear day. So, back across the river via the zip-line we go. We sent Lexi first. She chose to go over with the pack on her back (which she may have done last night). Halfway across, she manages to flip backwards, doing a full flip with her pack on. The water was only hip deep so she stood up and then fell back down again. I quickly ran in (with my boots on) and dragged her out. She was shaken and wet but the good news was that very little in her pack got wet.

So after Lexi changed and I put dry socks on, we correctly crossed the zip-line (with our packs attached to the provided hooks) and headed off at 9:30. It was an uphill climb out but I had slept well and felt good. The trail was full of loose rock which makes getting a good pace difficult. We stopped a Wind Rock for a break and real nice views making it to the shelter about 6:30.

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