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Appalachian Trail, 2012, Day 2, Rice Field Shelter

June 30th, 2012 No comments

6/30, 7 miles today

Still without power, breakfast was at 8. We were not in a big hurry so we spent the morning helping Michael hooking up a generator as it seems the storm was larger than we thought and power may not be back up soon. I also snuck in a massage (needed it after the run back up the hill yesterday).

We got a ride to town and hit the trail by 1pm. As with most town areas, the lower elevations through the town are easy but end with and abrupt uphill climb. This town was no exception. And, it was hot. I could feel my legs cramping up again and I was dying again! Contemplated if the better choice would be to head back down and take a day off (but didn’t). Al gave me some of his Propel powder to add to my water. The electrolytes seemed to help surprisingly quickly. It did finally flatten out on the top so I could get into a pace and use a different set of muscles. We pulled into the shelter at 6:30. This is a nice shelter. There are 10 or so other hikers. Someone was handing out Snicker bars which we gladly took. We spent the evening watching a storm pass over the valley and then the sun set.

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Appalachian Trail, 2012, Day 1, Woods Hole Hostel

June 29th, 2012 No comments

6/29, 10 miles today

Got up at 5AM to clean up and finish packing. We had a light breakfast and head off. First stop was to where the AT crosses the James River near Glasgow, VA. We dropped my car off in the parking lot. I hope it will still be there when we get back in 2 weeks. Then it was on to Daleville where we dropped Al’s car off at the in the parking lot of the local outfitter as he will only be hiking for one week. There, we met with Neville from Woods Hole who shuttled us back to Woods Hole. The plan was to hike from down to Pearisburg and get a shuttle back to Woods hole for the evening. And then, get a ride back to town in the AM and take off from there.

Our stay at Woods hole was brief and we were on the trail by 10AM. Most of the trial today followed a ridgeline so it was generally flat. The trail peaks with nice view down to Pearisburg before the final 2 miles, all downhill, to town.

About half way down the hill (a mile or so), I realized that I had left my camera back at the top. I decided to drop my pack and attempt a quick run/walk back to the top. Meanwhile, Al and Lexi would continue on down and meet up with our planned shuttle driver. It took me a lot longer to get back to the top than I expected (40 minutes). It was quite hot and I was not in the best shape yet, only being the first day of hiking. My legs started to cramp up. I had to stop and just sit on the trail every few minutes. At times I thought I was not going to make it. The good news was that my camera was actually there. It only took me 20 minutes to get back down to my pack. A bit farther down, I met up with Dan our shuttle driver who had walked up to meet me. Following him was like running. By the time I got to his car I was about dead! He had already taken Al and Lexi down to the local Dairy Queen where we found them relaxing. I got a gallon size Diet Coke and a bag full of ice to cool me off. My knees were sore, so I iced them. I hope this is not a going to be a problem for the rest of the trip.

We made it back to the hostel in time to take a quick shower and help prep for dinner. It was a good dinner of rice and chicken wraps. We even had ice cream. As we were finishing up a thunderstorm rolled through and took out the power (so the AC in the house is not working). Michael’s parents (Michael and Neville own the hostel) came in late and described a huge storm they had driven through while coming in from the West.

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Appalachian Trail, 2012, Day 0, Country Inn and Suites, Lexington

June 28th, 2012 No comments

7/28, 0 miles today We stayed up late last night packing. I got to bed at 3 am and up and on the road by 5 am… 14 hours of driving today. Drive was uneventful except that Lexi made me listen to “her” music often. We met up with my good friend and often hiking partner Al (aka “Maybe”) and walked across the street to Applebees and have our last “real” meal for a while. Well, technically, we will be at Woods Hole Hostel tomorrow and will get a meal there too.

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