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What’s new in Bill’s backpack this year?

March 9th, 2012 No comments

Well, so far, I have not seen a lot of new items that will change what I bring on this years AT trip.  One item that could save me a 1/2 lbs (that is a lot) is to go to a gravity filter system for water. Sawyer has introduced one that rather than using gravity, you can squeeze the bag to force the water thru. The system would weigh less and take less pack space.  However, it uses micro-tube for filtering. I have a MSR Microflow that uses the same technology and it had problems clogging up after a weeks worth of use and was impossible to back flush. The MSR also included a pre-filter which Sawyer does not.  I suppose I can rig one up. I have the Katadyn Pro, I use now, hooked up so I can pump water directly into my hydration pouch. This may not be possible with this filter. Sounds like a trip to REI is on order.

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