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Warm-up hike #3 – Blue Mound State Park

May 25th, 2010 No comments

Took another warm up hike on Sunday.  Lexi was not available so I went with my brother-in-law Parker. We took a 4 hour hike up and around Blue Mound State Park. This is the highest point in southern Wisconsin. While the elevation change is only 400′ from the farmland around it, the only steep part in the last 100′ of vertical.

It was a nice day for hiking. A bit warm but we we were in the shade most the day. Packed 45 lbs. Legs felt good although 45 lbs is a LOT more than 30! 

There are two observation toweers on top. One faces East and the other West. Views were good but with the haze, we cold only see about 25 miles.

Going shopping this week and week end for supplies. REI is having a sale so I plan to take advantage of it.

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Warm-up hike #2

May 16th, 2010 No comments

Lexi and I took our second warm-up hike today. We started a the North end of Devils Lake and headed down the West bluff. This was a good start as had a good “up” to get us warmed up.   Lexi learned that “we don’t like steps”.  We took our time across the bluff, took in all the nice views and watched some of climbers.  At the south end, we headed east and up the “pot holes” trail. This is a very steep 400′ climb and was a good indication of what Lexi can do. Turns out she had no problem with this! Or at least she didn’t tell me. Good for her!  At the top, we were running a bit short on time so we headed quickly back up the East bluff and back to our car. All told 4.6 miles. We’ll see what next weekend brings 🙂

Lexi at Devils Lake

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Lexi’s first hike

May 9th, 2010 No comments

Lexi and I took our first hike with packs today. I put 12lbs in her pack and she said “gee, I can carry more” So, being the nice dad I am, I loaded her up to 20 lbs. Now you have to understand, Lexi might weigh 90lbs soaking wet so I think this is about her max load.  I tossed in 35lbs in my pack and we took off on the Ice Age Trail (which runs through town). It was a good day for hiking. We put in about 6 miles. While it was generally level, Lexi did great! She hike at my pace (which may not be so fast) and never complained.  Afterwards, the only ache she had was here feet/ankles. This is a little expected on our first hike.

P.S. Happy Mothers Day!

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First Hike of the Season

May 1st, 2010 No comments

I was visiting my parents in VA and took a day to go hiking.  I did a 10 mike hike to the top of Turk Mnt.  I started from the east side of the SNP near Crozet. Trail starts at Sugar Hollow Rd and follows up the South Fork Moormans River. This follow an old road for about 2 miles (“Blue Hole” swimming hole here!) and then turn up Turk Mnt Trail till you reach the Skyline drive. Here you meet the AT, follow it south for about .2 miles and then a up a steeper incline to the top about .9 miles. Lots of cool rock outcroppings and great views on top. Top is at about 3000′. This is about 2000′ up from the start of the trail yet you follow old roads for most of it so it is a moderate climb.

Day started out looking like rain but was starting to clear by the time I got to the top.  Sat on top and had lunch. Nats were anoying! Going back was all downhill so it went a bit faster. I had my old lowcut hiking shoes and I could feel my feet pinching on the way down but overall it was a good hike and a good start to the season.

I was going to hike up Old Rag Mountain but due to the forcasted rain, I thought better and went took a more shelter/local route. However, the next time I’m in the area, Old Rag is on my list. I look forward the the 2500′ climb and rock scramble on the top.

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