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Time to get things in order

March 15th, 2009 No comments

OK. It’s now  mid-March and many of the AT thru hikers have started their journey. Good luck everyone.  Time form me to send out a second email to see if any the folks who said they might join me really have a desire to do so. 

I’m think about selling my 2 person tent and getting a 1 person test (of same time) and I if I take the next size down pack in the ultra lite version from Osprey, I think I can get rid of about 5 lbs!

I need to start searching for some new boots. In particular, one that dry fast.  I have wide feet so I’m concerned about not tyring them on first and while we have a local REI, finding some of odder brands may be challenging.

I’ve now completed my training and received my second degree Black Belt in Karate (along with a cracked rib) so other than home projects (and I have lots of them), preparing for my next AT trip is comming to the foreground. I’m getting excited!

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